Career Opportunities at ABB


Career Opportunities at ABB

Exploring Job & Career Opportunities at ABB: Entry-Level Roles, Salaries, and Locations

When it comes to carving out a successful career path, choosing the right job opportunity is paramount. ABB, a pioneering technology leader, offers an array of enticing positions for individuals with varying experience levels, ranging from entry-level to those with up to four years of experience. These roles span diverse fields and are spread across locations in Bengaluru, Faridabad, and Mumbai, promising not just fulfilling roles but also the potential for growth and development.

Hr Operations Specialist

The role of an HR Operations Specialist at ABB involves multifaceted responsibilities, spanning human resources, operations, and administrative tasks. From managing employee records to ensuring compliance with HR policies, this role offers a fundamental entry point into the dynamic world of HR operations.

Data Analyst

For those inclined towards data interpretation and analysis, the Data Analyst position at ABB holds promise. Engaging in data-driven insights and supporting business decisions, this role demands analytical skills and a penchant for translating data into actionable strategies.

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst role at ABB is a gateway to understanding business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and facilitating effective decision-making. It involves comprehensive research, analysis, and communication across departments.

Testing Engineer

As a Testing Engineer at ABB, individuals delve into quality assurance processes, ensuring that products meet industry standards. This role requires a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to maintaining product excellence.

Procurement Intern

An internship in Procurement at ABB offers a valuable learning experience in the supply chain domain. It involves assisting in procurement activities, understanding vendor relationships, and gaining insights into strategic sourcing.

Maintenance Engineer

The Maintenance Engineer role encompasses ensuring machinery and equipment's smooth operation, minimizing downtime, and optimizing maintenance processes. It demands technical expertise and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Shift Engineer

For those seeking a role involving overseeing operational shifts, the Shift Engineer position at ABB might be the ideal fit. It involves managing day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, and ensuring efficient performance during designated shifts.

Project Engineer

The Project Engineer role at ABB is pivotal in managing and executing various projects, from conceptualization to implementation. It requires strong project management skills and the ability to coordinate multiple tasks effectively.

Production Engineer

In the realm of production, the Production Engineer position at ABB is fundamental. It involves optimizing production processes, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring product quality while adhering to safety standards.

At ABB, these roles offer not only diverse job functions but also competitive compensation packages ranging from 4.5 to 14 LPA, making them enticing opportunities for career beginners and early-career professionals alike.

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It's important to note that ABB upholds ethical recruitment practices, never requiring any financial contributions during the recruitment process.

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