What is the 16 8 method of intermittent fasting?


What is the 16 8 method of intermittent fasting?

There are different ways of practicing. They all include a feeding period and a fast period. The time length for the various methods varies. You can either eat zero calories or zero calories at all during this time. The feeding period is different for each method. If you want to avoid overfeeding, you may eat whatever you want during this time. If you went without food, you should eat normally, but not as if you were compensated. The Warrior Diet may require you to eat certain foods in a certain order.

It is important to point out that intermittent fast is not for everyone. Some people should not try intermittent fasts.

● People under 18 

● People with diabetes (both type 1 and 2) without first seeing a doctor

 ● Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers 

● People with eating disorders 

● People with low body fat 

● People with high cortisol levels

WARNING: You should see a doctor before starting a diet, physical exercise program or changing your habits.

 Keep it safe!

Let's look at the 16:8 method.

16:8 The Lean gains protocol

The method is divided into two periods; a 16-hour fast period and a specific 8-hour feeding period. Keeping your feeding period constant is important. You can't decide to eat from 8am to 4pm today and then shift it to 8pm the next day. This is to create a schedule that is easy for your body to follow and adapt to. The hunger hormone ghrelin is released when you eat.
Changing your pattern could cause you to be hungry all the time. It is said that this method is more sustainable and easier to stick to as you are not required to go to long without food, and it can fit into most people's day to day lives. The average person sleeps for eight hours.
You only need to fast for 8 more hours if you are awake.

You will barely notice the time if you fast until 2pm the day after your last meal, because you will be busy at work. You can still have dinner with family or friends before your feeding window closes.
There is an important note.
Eating late at night has been shown to have a higher impact on sleep quality and storage overnight.

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