5 Hormones That Affect body weight and Shape

5 Hormones That Affect body weight and Shape


hormones play a huge role in your ability to lose weight. There are a variety of reasons for the release of their saliva. When blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas releases insulin. hormones play a huge role in your ability to lose weight, and we will cover the key hormHormones. There are a variety of reasons for the release of their saliva. When blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas releases insulin. You need to know about hormones when it comes to weight loss. The cause of the Insulin Trigger: When blood sugar goes up, it's produced. The method of lower blood sugar. The cells are able to transport glucose for energy. The excess will be taken to the liver where it will be used to make food.

5 Hormones That Affect body weight and Shape


Trigger: When blood sugar goes up, it's produced. 

Mission: Lower blood sugar

MethodThe cells are able to transport glucose for energy.
The excess will be taken to the liver where it will be used to make food.

NoteBlood sugar will rise when you eat. This will cause a release of blood sugar.
This is important and normal. Increased blood sugar spikes are a result of constant over eating and unnecessary snacking. Having a bad boy in your blood stream is a sign that you're in a state of storage. If we continue this route for a long time, we will develop resistance to the drug. Our body has built immunity to the drug so it doesn't work well. Extra insulin must be released to combat high blood sugar levels. Your body will be in a storage state overload because of all the extra insulin in the blood stream.


Trigger: Released when blood sugar drops 

Mission: Raise blood sugar 

Method: The blood stream can be broken down by Glucagon. Glucagon is used to break down fat stores for the blood stream.

NoteYou can see that glucagon does the opposite of insulin. Your body will switch to an energy burning state if you have this bad boy in your bloodstream.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

TriggerTwo hormones control the release of human growth hormone. We want to keep things simple. All you need to know about weight loss is that it can be triggered by adequate sleep, exercise, and low blood sugar levels.

MissionThis is dependent on many factors. As a child, human growth hormone helps with bone growth, but as an adult, this is not the case. Low blood sugar is regulated by breaking down fat. It helps build lean muscle.

Method Method: To help regulate low blood sugar levels, HGH helps break down stored fat for the blood stream. You want to nurture the production of this bad boy if you are on a weight loss journey.

Note : When the brain senses growth factors in the body, it suppresses the release of growth hormones. They show how to diagnose over production of human growth hormone by giving a person a drink. This should make the levels of human growth hormone go down.
What does this mean for you?

The release of human growth hormone is suppressed by high glucose levels.
If you eat a lot of sugar and Carbohydrates, you will give yourself high blood sugar, and this hormone won't help you break down stored fat. It also means that there won't be any growth hormones in the system.


Trigger: Leptin is released by fat cells. The more fat cells you have, the more leptin released. 

Mission: Leptin helps stabilize weight by regulating hunger, satiety, and appetite.

Method: How much body fat you have is related to leptin levels. The more leptin in the blood stream, the more body fat you have. The less leptin your blood stream has, the less it will have.

NoteDrop in body fat will lead to a drop in leptin levels. This increases appetite. Losing weight can make you feel like you want to eat a horse. The body can develop resistance to leptin. Even though leptin doesn't work effectively to suppress your appetite, it can cause the body to build an immunity if you are overweight. This can increase the amount of hormones in the body.


Trigger: Known as the hunger hormone, ghrelin levels in the blood rise just before eating time. The timing of this rise correlates to your normal eating routine. 

Mission: Ghrelin is responsible for a few things but to keep it simple its mission is to promote you to eat. 

Method: Acts on the hypothalamus promoting appetite

NotesIt comes in waves and is related to your eating pattern. Over a period of time without food, the levels of ghrelin drop. Have you ever been too busy to eat at lunch? By the time you came to eat, you were not hungry? They will pass if you ignore the hunger pangs.
The hunger won't keep building to unmanageable levels. It will pass. After a while, Ghrelin releases become less frequent or switch to a new eating pattern. It has been found that this can help stop cravings for sugar.


● Insulin is a storage hormone responsible for lowering high blood sugar 

● Insulin stimulates fat storage 

● Glucagon is a storage burning hormone responsible for raising low blood sugar 

● Glucagon stimulates the breakdown of stored fat 

● Human growth hormone or HGH helps promote lean muscle mass, bone density and the breakdown of stored fat 

● HGH is a burning hormone (among other functions) responsible for raising low blood sugar 

● HGH is suppressed by insulin, high blood sugar, and eating carbohydrates 

● Leptin suppresses hunger 

● The more body fat you have the more leptin your blood stream has 

● High amounts of leptin can cause resistance meaning even though you have a high body fat percentage, you may still feel hunger and over eat 

● Ghrelin promotes hunger 

● Eating can spike ghrelin; making you hungry 

● Ghrelin release lowers the longer you go without food 

● Ignore hunger long enough and it will disappear 

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